What is Smart Harvest?

Smart Harvest is an agricultural technology (agritech) company leading the development and commercialization of new technologies to safely and effectively extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

What is Enhanced Freshness Formulation (FRESHXtend)?

Enhanced Freshness Formulation (FRESHXtend) is a proprietary natural liquid solution proven to enhance the shelf life and quality of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. FRESHXtend is designed to be applied by growers at the farm level either pre or post-harvest.

How does FRESHXtend work to extend the shelf-life of produce?

EFF works by naturally slowing the ripening process of produce by inhibiting Phospholipase D and modulating ethylene signal transduction and gene expression. Critical genes and enzymes involved in cell wall and membrane degradation are downregulated, increasing cell longevity and shelf life.

What other benefits does FRESHXtend provide?

Some of the additional benefits the FRESHXtend provides to specific crops include improved sweetness and nutritional quality, reduce loss in weight, reduced ethylene evolution rates, reduced respiration rates, and an enhanced effect of cold storage.

What produce is FRESHXtend effective on?

EFF has been proven to significantly improve the quality and shelf life of mangos, bananas, apples, cherries, peaches, nectarines, guava, greenhouse tomatoes, and bell peppers.

How is FRESHXtend applied to fruits and vegetables?

EFF may be applied pre-harvest by conventional spraying techniques and post-harvest by dipping the produce in a liquid solution. Both applications methods are low in labour intensity.

Is FRESHXtend safe?

Yes, the primary active ingredient in FRESHXtend is organic and occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables, and all ingredients in FRESHXtend are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

Does FRESHXtend effect the taste or smell of produce?

EFF has no effect on the taste or smell of produce. Zero residues remain on the produce 24 hours after they are sprayed or dipped.

Can we purchase FRESHXtend for use on our farm?

EFF is not currently available for purchase, and will first become available in limited markets in 2019. However, we welcome your application <link to partner with us> to participate in FRESHXtend field trials.